Not So Healthy Hair Journey

I’ve always wanted to do one of those ‘Natural hair journey’ posts, but with the history of my hair, there was no way in hell that that would happen, so I thought why not share my unhealthy, not so natural hair journey with the world.

It all started back when I was in 8th grade, fresh out of primary school. I wanted a change in appearance, so I thought why not cut my hair in a very short bob and dye it light brown, and that ladies and maybe gents, is how I got started on this constant need to change my hair, journey.

You would think after I had to cut my hair really short (I was almost bald), courtesy of a really bad bleaching job, that I’d learned my lesson. Not so much. I just waited for my hair to be back to its’ beautiful, natural, healthy state before I went right in and destroyed it, again.

I have to admit though, my hair has NEVER been as damaged as it is right now, I mean I’m at the point where I’m literally considering going bald and just wigging it out and I guess the amount of heat I put on it is making it worse.

This year alone, I went from really blonde to purple, from purple to pink, from pink to blue, from blue to brown, from brown to blonde, from blonde to purple and blue, from purple and blue to blonde again and finally from blonde to black. All in just a few weeks.

I’ve been back to black for about two weeks now and I just miss the pop of colour, like I feel so dull & boring, but I’ve decided (I don’t know if I’m going to stick to it) that I’ll only dye my hair again when it’s longer and healthier and I won’t do anything hectic to it, I’ve also promised myself that I would try to use less or no heat at all.

Like I’m really trying, I was stalking some girls on Insta for inspiration to try to go on this natural hair journey and most of them only use homemade hair masks and Sulphate free shampoo and conditioner and of cause the Holy Grail BLACK JAMAICAN CASTOR OIL, so I went ahead and got myself a bottle of black Jamaican castor oil, and  despite the awful smell, my hair has been feeling softer and I can see a slight difference. I’m also thinking of trying out some of those homemade hair masks and if that works for me, I shall share it with you.

Well, that’s all for now, I’ll try to keep you updated with my hair journey.

Love, Always

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