(HER)story of women struggles

-by Dawn Barendse

Since the beginning of time, women have always been the inferior gender. In everything that we do, with everything that we are. Gender equality is not a fundamental human right. However, it is a necessary foundation for a peaceful, prosperous and sustainable world. Women constantly fight battles every day that men never have to. Women feel the wrath of the world much more than any male, and yet when the world happens to women, women still get blamed by the world for the outcome.

There are many areas that can be touched on to prove the inferiority of females, but our lives are living proof thereof. A much more serious issue we face, particularly in South Africa, and as of late, so urgently, is the violence against women. We can hashtag all day about how men are trash and how they don’t deserve us as a gender, but the truth is, our sisters are suffering among us at the hands of men and all the hashtags in the world will not save us from it.

The violence against women that breaks my heart the most is that of rape. It does not only amount to sexual assault against another human being, but it strips every woman from her dignity completely. It breaks you down in ways you have never imagined, and it cuts you deep in places you didn’t know existed. I, myself, have not been a rape victim and to say that ‘I can just imagine what a victim of rape goes through’ would be a spit in the face to such a woman. No one truly knows what a woman that has been so violated feels like, what her body, heart and soul pains like. It is truly one of the worst acts to be committed against a woman.

This is not “news” to a woman reading this. This is not even “news” to a man reading this. We know of all the things that we go through as women and men know of all the things that they put us through. So, this is just simply a reminder that women STILL experience the most violence and yet keep the bravest hearts. We still feel the most pain, but we still love and care and spread the most joy in the world – the same world that causes us pain. This is just a reminder that women are strong and beautiful, and courageous. A reminder that women are UNSURPASSABLE, no matter how you try to break her.




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