Protect your crown

-by Dawn Barendse

Summer is here! I am a winter fanatic myself, but I know 99% of humans love the summer season – beach days, summer dresses, cocktails, and wind blowing through your hair. Summer is all about fun – you can feel it in the air, however, it comes with some responsibility for your hair. 

For the natural hair KWEENS, now that winter is over you can finally get rid of your protective winter hairstyles. If you want your hair to breathe, you can but that does not mean you do not have to protect it in the summer time – the sun can damage your hair if you’re outside for long periods of time, it can also discolour your hair and even burn your scalp. Taking this into consideration, it will also be wise to not use heat on your hair during summer time. The sun already dries out your hair, do not amplify it by using hairdryers, straighteners, etc. on your hair as well. 

The best solution for hair during summer time is to keep your hair moisturised at all times. This means, do not shampoo your hair as often as you normally would, it dries out your hair even more. A big tip is to apply leave-in conditioner to your hair every day if it is possible or use a moisturiser in your hair. If you want to go a step further, you may also apply extra virgin olive oil or coconut oil to your hair and leave it in for a few days before your wash day. And remember to cut off your dry split ends when needed!

(All these tips and tricks apply to the ladies that does not have kinky hair as well.)

I hope this is helpful for everyone keen to protect their hair as much as they are keen to have fun. Happy summer! 

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Charnè is a 20 something-year-old blogger living in South Africa, with an immense love for makeup and all things beauty and lifestyle-related.

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