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I saw a tweet 2 minutes before I started writing this that read, “Valentine’s day without a boyfriend or girlfriend is not that big of a problem. Mother’s Day without a mother is.” I have since changed my angle for this. That tweet is all I needed to realise that sometimes there ARE genuinely bigger things in the world that we need to concern ourselves with than such superfluous things like having or not having a partner for Valentine’s day. You will read about the best gifts to give your partner or romantic getaway ideas, on every other blog – I hope to give you more. I hope to give you perspective.

The month of love. I hope with this new year we can do more than just dedicate it to romantic relationships. I have more hope that we could show and tell all the people in our lives how much we care about them. I have the most hope that it does not just have to be the month of February. I hope it doesn’t just have to be Valentine’s day or Mother’s Day or any specifically dedicated day for the ‘occasion’, if you will. You have heard it before, you have read it before and this will not be the last time – LIFE IS TOO SHORT. We continuously take this so lightly. We hear about losses in other families and think, “omg what a tragedy”, until it is at our doorstep. When this happens, everyone has regrets of not doing more or saying how they feel enough, and sadly at that point it is a little too late. 

I do not mean to make this sad and dreadful to read. I do not wish to trigger painful memories or leave you with fear. I hope to inspire you to be the person you would wish to be if it were too late, every day. I hope each and every one of us can be better beings every day of our lives. To each other and to ourselves. So, go out into the world and go about what you do every other day but take 5 minutes in each day to send someone a small message just thanking them for being in your life. Truth is, the good people in your life are there because they choose to be. They choose you on your horrible days and they choose you on your best days. Other people in our lives choose us when they see an opportunity to use us. Know the difference.

I am certain it would mean the world to someone if you randomly thanked them for being there for you and with you. If you showed them in ways other than materialistically, how much you care about them and how much you appreciate them. A sticky note here, an omelet there. Be a better version of yourself every day for the rest of the year. Be more happy, more kind and more grateful. Everything is temporary, but choice lasts until we don’t anymore – so choose your loved ones, choose yourself and choose life. A better, kinder, and more loving life for the month of February and the rest of the months hereafter.

Love & Light

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