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TRESemmé Botanic Extended Range Review

I’ve been on this natural hair journey for quite some time and like any other human being your girl keeps on slipping up by either colouring my hair or using heat on it (I know, it’s bad), but I’ve been doing quite well for the last 2 months.

I decided to chop off all my damaged/dead ends and not use any type of heat on my hair and let’s just say, the growth and health are already visible!!

If you are a natural hair queen as well, you’ll know how important it is to understand your hair type before you can go ahead and explore product options.

I recently only discovered that my hair type is 3c and that I have a medium to high porosity level, this means that my hair absorbs and holds moisture quite well.

Now that the mini-lesson is done, let’s get to the actual review 🙂

I started using the TRESemmé Botanic range about a month ago and I must say, my hair loves me more for it.
I’ve always been a fan of the Shampoo, Conditioner and Co-wash range so you can just imagine how excited I was when I received these little babies.

The range does EXACTLY what it claims to do: Moisturize and Replenish your hair.

This is probably my favourite product in the range.
I always experience a lot of fallout when I detangle my hair but the Detangling Butter makes it so easy to detangle my hair without losing much or any hair at all, not only does it help with detangling, it moisturize and nourish your hair while you’re detangling.

The second product I tried out was the Rich Oil Mist.

The first few tries were a bit difficult as I was still trying to figure out just how I should be using any oil treatments for my hair.
I eventually decided to use the oil mist as part of my deep conditioning treatment #hackalert!!

How to create your own deep conditioner treatment at home:

3-4 spritz (depending on how much hair you have)
10-15 tablespoons of the TRESemmé Botanic hair conditioner
3 drops of Olive/Almond or Shea butter oil

*Apply a generous amount on your hair, starting from root to tips, comb the treatment through your hair. Cover with a shower cap and leave it on for 40 – 60 minutes.

Rinse and style.

It is honestly one of the best things ever!!!

last but not least, the hair food.

I can’t really say anything about this as I have not tried it personally but according to one of my friends, it’s amazing. It leaves your hair feeling soft and moisturized and she recommends it (if you make use of hair-food)

That’s basically all from me for now, give the range a try and let me know how it works for you. I honestly LOVE it.

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