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Self-care Sunday

I never really know how to start these posts, I always feel like I should be apologizing for disappearing for a few weeks if not months but if you’re a loyal JNB subbie you’re probably used to me constantly being M.I.A.

So since we’ve missed some months of you not knowing where I’ve been and what I’ve been doing(unless you follow me on the gram), let’s do a quick update:
Earlier this year I had a strong urge to move to a new city and just start over, at the time the thought was scary AF! I didn’t think it would actually happen, but here I am 4 months later in the sunny Durban 🙂 crazy right?! For the longest of time I’ve been putting of focussing on myself and my happiness and to be honest, it had a major effect on my mental health, but Durban has been good for my soul and living so close to the beach definitely has its’ perks.

With the move and work and me just being an overall procrastinator, I’ve been neglecting myself for quite some time now and one of the things this past week has taught me is that I need to get my shit in order when it comes to taking care of me.
Mind, Body and Soul.

So I made a vow to myself to use every Sunday to solely focus on ME, to switch off, relax and feed my soul.

Today I chose to focus solely on my hair. Durban has been really good to it but after dying it green, my hair lost its’ moisture so to restore that I turned to my OG hair products.

To start off I saturated my hair from root to tips with the Aunt Jackie’s Repair My Hair Argon Oil mixture, not only does it help with strengthening and repairing your hair but hair growth as it contains all the oils your hair needs. I kept this on my hair for about an hour before I rinsed it off and followed that with the Organics Shea Butter Shampoo and Conditioner. This shampoo and conditioner have always been my go-to when it comes to restoring my hair after destroying it.

To make sure my hair retains the moisture, I locked it in by using this gem I discovered last year thanks to Beauty Bulletin. The Dove Oil Care mask saved my hair when I destroyed it last year so I figured it will do the same this time around. I kept this baby in my hair for about 30 minutes.
It’s genuinely one of the best store-bought masks I’ve used thus far.
To finish it off, I used the TRESemmè Keratin Smooth hair oil to make sure my hair stays shining and strong all week long 🙂

You can clearly see how much I destroyed my hair… again…

I’m not gonna lie, I feel way better than I did when I woke up this morning. I guess what I want to get across with this particular post is to try and prioritise yourself, dedicate a day just to pamper yourself, whether that is going to a spa or soaking in a rose petal bath with some wine and your fave book or to focus on your hair, whatever it is that makes you feel like the boss babe that you are, just DO IT.

Love, always.


Charnè is a 20 something-year-old blogger living in South Africa, with an immense love for makeup and all things beauty and lifestyle-related.

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